Break up Phone Call 

We will make a phone call on your behalf informing the other party of the break up.


Please allow up to 24 hours or 3 days to arrange and schedule your break up.For rush orders we can schedule in with an additional fee.


​Break up Letter

We will send a break up letter again it can be custom made or our popular personal letter.

  • ​A break up text  will provide freedom from the pressure of all the questions.
  • One text message of your choice.
  • Professional text or a personalized text by you!
  • 100 word text

Break up Text 

We will send a break up text this isone of our popular request service.

Break up Email

We will send a custom or you can try our personal break up email.

  • We will do it for you the "we need to talk"  phone call.
  • We will provide one phone call "we need to talk"  it can be a personalized call of your choice or our Professional phone call.


  • The break up email is the easiest and most popular  of our service.
  • A professional email with helpful break up support websites so you don't look like the bad guy.
  • If you would like a colder option we will include  a photo attachment of you in your new relationship.